The Return To Beauty – Book

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‘The Return To Beauty’ – the Photography of Nicky Taylor

“In this book ,’The Return To Beauty,’ Nicky Taylor has sought to capture the wonders of Nature, stretching from the awe-inspiring mountains, through fabulous landscapes to almost enchanted beaches. He celebrates the creatures that crawl, or fly, on this planet’s surface, and those that dwell, in a rainbow of colours, in all its oceans. Beauty, beauty all around us…”. 

The Return To Beauty | Nicky Taylor

New star, Nicky Taylor, is fast establishing a reputation as a leading landscape photographer.  He has lived most of his life overseas in South America, Canada, Europe, Australia and the Caribbean. His extensive landscape, seascape and underwater photography  reflects this global perspective. The title is  close to the Artist’s heart, as it represents a rebellion against what he sees as the monopoly of ‘fashionable,’ ‘shock photography,’’ which limits its subject matter to the grotesque and the shocking, the ugly, or the perverted. The photographs in this book are an unashamed celebration of the beauty of Nature. As such, they are a return to a more traditional form of art, but one which uses all the benefits of modern technology, in the cameras and in the printing.

The Return To Beauty | Nicky Taylor

‘The Return to Beauty’ is an 11” x 8.5” high quality color photographic coffee table book. This love letter to Mother Nature, features 75 full colour photographs  and over 8000 words in titles and descriptions. The reader is lifted out of the urban environment to confront the awesome majesty of Nature. Explore the Salkantay trail to Savage Mountain in South America, rising to 20,000 feet above sea level, or  plunge down into the depths of the ocean to experience the depths and the almost alien like creatures that it supports.

This book is published to co-incide with Nicky Taylor’s major exhibition of the same name at The Strand Gallery in June 2012, and a pre-Exhibiton appearance at the AAF New York in April 2012. All photographs featured in this book are available as signed limited editions  (normally of just five) in custom sizes. For more information email

The Return To Beauty | Nicky Taylor | Photography book|