About Me

Although only 31, I have extensive experience in fashion and interiors photography, and an established reputation as one of the UK’s leading nature photographers. I have lived and worked in South America, Canada, Europe, Australia, the United States and the Caribbean. My extensive fashion photography reflects this global perspective, and I have been well received in New York, London, Miami and Sydney. I currently split my time between London, Europe and the United States. I have access to studios in London, the US and France, and enjoy outdoor and location shooting, as well as runway.

Work Experience
I have always been passionate about photography and even before college I did events photography in Canada. I started work as the second photographer for a freelance UK portrait photographer, and then worked as a theatre photographer in London, working on stage and headshots. In Sydney in my early twenties I worked for Tangent Fashion Magazine, shooting new designers’ look-books and catalogues, as well as various catwalk fashion shows. I have extensive experience as a freelance, self-starter, working on both studio and outdoors projects. In recent years I have concentrated on outdoor photo shoots for Nature photography, in Asia and South America, interior shoots in Europe, and model work in London and the United States. I always like to be creative, and flip things in a new way.

“Rating: ***** (Five Star!)…Tangible, unique, and captivating unaltered photographic works that really capture a moment of natural beauty”.

“British photographic artist Nicky Taylor’s… larger than life works have gained him renown and a reputation, and his works are highly sought after”.

“..it takes a particular talent and inspiration to really make waves in the genre, and Taylor is an artist that certainly embodies both these qualities.”

“Taylor is proof that great photography is by no means a lost craft, and his art is simply exemplary.”

Exhibitions Publications
I have exhibited successfully at Art Miami, AAF New York and London. My work was well received by the press, New York Examiner saying I am one of those “who you should look out for”, describing my work as” playful”. Art Fortune chose “Calm After the Storm” as the best image for the show. Apart from my own book, “The Return to Beauty,” which was published to co-inside with a solo exhibition in London of that name, I have been published in various national and international newspapers and magazines, including “El Pais” and “La Provincia” in Madrid, and “Tangent Fashion” in Sydney.

I was schooled in the UK, and attended SEEC College (UK) for a Diploma in Photography.

United Nations – Philosophy
I am proud to have been chosen by the UN for their ‘Harmony In Nature Campaign’. This aligned very closely with my philosophical beliefs, and I stick by what I said at the time – “I see my work as part of the ‘return to beauty’ that has gripped the new wave of young photographers in London. My work seeks it’s inspiration in Nature’s destructive, and yet creative, forces – shaping the world as we see it, and dwarfing Man’s mark.”