Nicky Taylor

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New star, Nicky Taylor, is fast establishing a reputation as one of the UK’s leading landscape photographers. He has lived most of his life overseas in South America, Canada, Europe, Australia and the Caribbean. His extensive landscape, seascape and underwater photography reflects this global perspective, and he has been well received in New York, London and Sydney.

Nicky Taylor had a solo exhibition in the summer of 2012 at The Strand Gallery in London. The show was entitled “The Return to Beauty,” and, for the first time, brought some twenty-seven of the Artist’s photographs together in one exhibition. The press comment was euphoric:-

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“Rating: ***** (Five Star!)…Tangible, unique, and captivating unaltered photographic works that really capture a moment of natural beauty”.

“British photographic artist Nicky Taylor’s… larger than life works have gained him renown and a reputation, and his works are highly sought after”.

“ takes a particular talent and inspiration to really make waves in the genre, and Taylor is an artist that certainly embodies both these qualities.”

“Taylor is proof that great photography is by no means a lost craft, and his art is simply exemplary.”

At the same time, Taylor’s first book was publishes to coincide with the Exhibition – “The Return to Beauty.”

Prior to this, Nicky Taylor was one of the most successful exhibitors at AAF New York in April. Again his work was well received by the press, New York Examiner saying he was one of those “who you should look out for”, describing his work as playful. Art Fortune chose “Calm After the Storm” as the best image for the show. Nicky Taylor was interviewed at the fair:-

So far in 2013, Nicky has repeated his success in the United States, at the Art Palm Beach, Miami International Art Fairs, and AAF New York.

Future plans: Nicky Taylor’s work has been chosen for the United Nations “Harmony with Nature” campaign, runs throughout 2013.

After an extensive summer of photo-shoots, Nicky is exhibiting in London art week at AAF Battersea 24-27th October 2013.

Nicky Taylor | Photography | Return to Beauty

Apart from his own book “The Return to Beauty,” Taylor has been published in various national and international newspapers and magazines, including “El Pais” and “La Provincia” in Madrid, and “Tangent Fashion” in Sydney. He currently splits his time between the United States and Europe.

Nicky Taylor commented – “I see my work as part of the ‘return to beauty’ that has gripped the new wave of young photographers in London. My work seeks it’s inspiration in Nature’s destructive, and yet creative, forces – shaping the world as we see it, and dwarfing man’s mark.”